Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday fun!!

Yesterday was Marisa's official birthday party. We had planned it at a local bead store and was it fun. I could soooo get in to beading, but I know it would be one more hobby that I would have to fund. Can't do it right

Marisa had so much fun with her cousins and friends from school. They made an awesome bracelet. Their instructor, Lindsey, was so good and patient.

And then there was the presents and cake! She got tons of Webkins...darn stuffed animals

...this was one delicious cake from Sam's Club!!

Listen to this fun tidbit! The gal who was teaching the class had her boyfriend along. Her parents own the store so it's casual. Well, the boyfriend comes up to Marisa and I and says, "I have to ask you a favor. Could you give this present to my girlfriend at the end. She'll think it's from you, but then she'll figure it out when she opens it."

I say, "Okay, is it what I think it is?" He says, "Yes," with a big smile. So at the very end we invite Lindsey in to get some cake and ice cream. Marisa gives her the gift and we say it's a little thank you.

She starts to open it and says, "Oh, checks. I need checks." Huh? So she continues to open it and says, "This is a gift from you?"

Looking really quizzical, she continues to open it. Then inside is a smaller box. She opens it and there's this GORGEOUS
engagement ring inside.

Have you ever seen a yellow canary diamond like this? It's the first for me.

They looked so happy!! Congrats to them! The girls were delighted to witness all this

Of course I was happy to get photos for them. She even laughed and said, "Look, I have a professional photographer here, too!" Well I don't know about that, but I do love taking some


Alissa103 said...

Oh the birthday party looks like a blast! All the girls look so cute :)

And how cool about the engagement! SO neat and fun that they have it documented!

Martha said...

Happy birthday to Marissa! Looks like a great party! And how fun to be in on the engagement! What a sweet story!