Monday, September 08, 2008

Good times...

good times, I tell ya!! I actually pulled it off -- the surprise party that is! That was incredibly too stressful trying to think before I spoke for over a month and get everything ready without being noticeable...yikes! Would I do it again? Sure would! The smile that was on my hubby's face was worth every new gray hair on my head

We literally had 3 1/2 hours to throw the entire thing together including the tent. We or maybe I went like mad and it couldn't have worked out more perfectly. Just after 4 pm he came home. I was hiding down by the front of my truck and I could here him telling his friend who had taken him to the casino, "What's my tent up for? Why is there balloons in the backyard?" His friend Brian just kept on responding with, "I don't know. Just keep going." Just about that time, I sprang up from behind the front of my truck with a "SURPRISE!" and this is the face I caught.

Then I said I'm throwing you a party, but no one is here yet. Meanwhile the gang was hiding behind the back of the house. You couldn't hear a peep which I'm surprised

Oh, and someone should point out to my dear brother that he shouldn't emphasize those spaces in his teeth by placing a cigarette between them Wide open spaces!!! He's crazy!

Then my sister, who is always running from the camera as you can see, decided to bring chocolate cupcakes with BLACK (yes, BLACK) frosting. Here was the outcome.
Hey, is this Grandpa Munster or is it Uncle Fester???

And here are the rest of the brave party goers who opted to try those black cupcakes!

We danced and ate and partied the night away! Look at this awesome cake that Travis' mom made for Dave!

Happy Birthday, old man! I hope you had as great of time as the rest of us!! XOXO

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jinxi said...

I dont know you... but this is hilarious! You did such a great thing.. love the fun photos! And yay to being 40 hahaa. The cake is GREAT!