Thursday, September 25, 2008

How do things like this happen?

You get bombarded with decision making. I don't like making I like to try to do it all, but am very well aware that I would fail at that.

What is she talking about you are probably asking? Well, last week I take a leap and go out for a design team position on a new kit club. It looked exciting and I was needing some more push to fuel my scrappy creativity. The owner responded with just the nicest comment. I was hopeful.

A day later I walk in to my favorite LSS, Paper Tales, and Cass the owner asks me if I'd be interested in teaching. WHAT!!! I just had this premonition believe it or not! I swear, right before I went up there in my little old head I heard the offer. I just put that thought out of my head and laughed. Twenty minutes later it actually happened. That's freaky -- the premonition thing that is. Being asked to teach was flipping AWESOME!! I've secretly always wanted to do it, but just never felt the time was right or maybe that even I wasn't good enough to do it. This time I'm making myself fight that fear. I love reaching out to people especially when it comes to this fabulous hobby.

So now I need to think on it I say to myself....meanwhile I get an email from the new kit club owner just asking a couple questions. She's narrowed it down to six and would love me to be on her team. She just needed to know an answer to something.

I thought long and hard. I want to do it ALL! I LOVE being on Back Porch Memories' design team. Paula is the greatest and she's the one who gave me my first chance. Oh, yes, and in between all that thought Paula asked me to start doing some sketches for BPM. Now I'm thinking...sometimes that can be I want to do it ALL!!!

However, reality hits me and I know know know I will never be able to give everyone my best. I have to be proud and satisfied with the things I create. The little voice in my head kept saying that over and over. The chat I had with my bestest scrappy buddy Cheri convinced me, too. I went with the teaching. It's a new venture for me that I want to explore. I'm excited, yet nervous. What if no one signs up for my class??? Gosh, that would be horrible! Okay, let's not go there right now. My mind has been working over time as it is

So if any of you live around me that read this blog, be on the look out for a new double-page layout class coming to Paper Tales. Good thing, too, is that the sketches I'll be making for Back Porch Memories can help me to create some double pagers for the class -- a twofer! You can't beat that!


Carol A. said...

Sorry the decision was a tough one Tami but WAHOO girl!!! Congrats on your new teaching gig and also on the sketches too. Can't wait to see!!!!

Kimberly said...

Congrats on all the offers!! Tami, you are SO talented and will be fabulous at teaching classes!!!!!
Can't wait to see what you come up with. Wish I lived closer!!!

Tracy said...

What a decision you had to make Tami but I'm sure you made the right one for you. You will be fabulous at teaching!!! What a premonition, so my thinking is that it was meant to be.
best of luck with everything
Take care
tracy x

Kim in OK said...

Congrats to you on getting all of the offers... even if you did have to make a decision on what would work best for you and not be overwhelming & tiresome. You will be a FABULOUS teacher!