Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Share 10 random things about you that make you...you

1. I am perpetually late! It comes from proscrastinating all the time. I'm always rushing out the door.
2. I have a HUGE sweet tooth that I'm trying to get under control.
3. I love watching Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Charmed(last show ever next Sunday!), and the Sopranos.
4. I am totally addicted to being online. Trying to curb that habit too...LOL
5. I love the smell of Murphy's Oil soap.
6. I love to clean the house -- smells nice and everything in its place. I'm not fanatical about it though.
7. I love my Durango and don't want to go back to a minivan if at all possible.
8. I can't stand to have socks on in the house -- must be barefoot.
9. I enjoy painting and the smell of it.
10. I always go to sleep at night on my left side.


sheree said...

tami i always go to sleep on my left side also.. must be a comfort thing.. but it still dosnt get me to sleep LOL...maybe i should try going to bed early LOL

Suzie said...

Oh dear ... I think we would clash over number 1! lol! I'm a left side sleeper too :)