Monday, May 22, 2006

Is it Monday already?

This whole weekend has been one big blur. It started on Friday with a a wet, soggy, and cold field trip to the Detroit Zoo with Marisa's 1st grade class. We definitely tried to make the best of it, but Marisa was in a mood. Let's just say we didn't leave there on the best of terms. I straightened her out by the time we got half way home. Jeez, you love your kids to death and would do anything for them, and then they just have that way of not showing their appreciation. All better now though. She's in that drama mode where if she doesn't get what she wants, she pouts thinking that will change our minds. Uh, NO, it just makes me more mad!!

So then Saturday came with rushing Marisa off to dance, and then a quick trip to Target and Borders to get a birthday present for her friend's party. Fun, fun, fun time at the birthday party. It was at a place called Pump It Up which is all inflatable jumpies and slides. I was one of the only parents that played on all the stuff partly because Collin was there and kept asking me to play with him. You've gotta still have fun even though my body felt it the next day!! After that, I hit two scrapbook stores out in that area. The first one I got my favorite Cherry Arte stuff only spending $5.35!!

I then ventured to the other store that I have never been to because I can never find it. Finally, finally, I finally found it and what a score!!! No wonder everyone raves about that store -The Scrapbook Tree. Heck, it had every patterened paper I had ever wanted with the exception of the new Urban Lily. Left there on cloud nine with only spending $8.96--a nice shopping high for under $20

Sunday was church with Marisa singing in the cherub choir and then the Kinderfest afterwards that Dave and I worked. He did the Hoops and I worked the sucker pull. The kids had a blast. Marisa had her first t-ball game and of course she slid and fell geting mud all over her "white" pants. Why in sam hill do they give kids white pants to wear for sports????? She had fun, but made me feel bad when she said no one was there to cheer for her. I promised her I'll be there from now on to cheer for her :^(

I was so exhausted coming home and even got sun burned on my face and neck standing in cloudy weather. I stayed up to watch Desperate Housewives season finale. It was good! How come Bre always ends up with the psychos??? Will Susan and Mike the Plumber ever get together? I can't believe Carlos was doing the nasty with the maid!!!! Oh, and that witchy woman who showed up having had Tom's child. Lynette handled that very well because we would've been duking it out with the attitude she had!! LOL

Off to conquer the laundry! I promised myself I would get it ALL done!! Wish me luck :^)

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