Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wednesday Blogger

What craft/hobby would you pursue, if you only had the time and / or the money, besides scrapbooking of course!
We already know we're all hopelessly addicted to that hobby!

Hmmmm....I thinking! There's only one that comes to mind that I've always been interested in and that would be sewing. I've always wanted to learn to sew SO I could make costumes for the kids or myself for Halloween, cool clothes, curtains, just as much as I could spend my time doing so. One day, I will take a sewing class and put this Singer machine to use for things other than layouts...LOL

***Another hobby came to mind that has recently became something I'd love to learn more about and that would be photography. I've learned so much from some of the fabulous photographing ladies at Just4Keeps. I would love to buy a new camera, Rebel or Nikon, and learn how to take fabulous photos!


Sofia said...

I'm getting more into photography too. It is fun to learn more about how to take great pictures.

Erica said...

Love taking pics. Wish I could take some of the shots that Jill or Shell take..but I'm working on it :)