Monday, May 08, 2006

So sore!!!

Well, my body is telling me how out of shape it is. I was a little sore earlier from yesterday's one mile walk. Today I decide to be a good mommy and go for a bike ride with the kids -- could be why by buttisimo is hurting now. Then I met Sheri, a new mom friend I found at Marisa's school, and we walked while Marisa and her daughter had tee-ball practice. Man, that girl can walk!! She wasn't kidding when she said she walked fast. She was funny when she told me that. She said, "I walk fast. I'll tell you that up front." Well little did she know I can walk with speed too. I waitressed and house cleaned for years and you moved with speed to get the job done. One thing though, she doesn't need to lose as much weight as moi, and therefore she wasn't panting as hard as I was. I held my own though, but my calves and butt are feeling it. We did a mile and a half in 25 minutes. Time to go soak in the bath with epsom salt....ugh!! I'm bound and determined to get into shape or at least feel better physically. Off to get pruney -- night night!


Shanna said...

Hee Hee!!! Sounds painful but was it worth it? LOL

Anonymous said...

I should be following your lead..but better you than me!

Fletch said...