Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May is

half over already and I just noticed on Marisa's school newsletter that there is only 15 days left of school **SHOCK**!! Does anyone know how to slow down time because it's going by too quickly. I'm trying to enjoy every moment, but it still seems way too fast.

Mother's Day was wonderful this year!! Best I've had since my very first. My DH was so sweet and gave me lots of cash which I used to buy a new coffee pot, a Carl's rotary cutter, and pay for my J4K class retreat in August. I just can't wait to go and meet everyone I chat with in the forum in person.

My kids made me lots of pretty cards and Marisa drew a picture on her new dry erase board she had to buy for herself...LOL

This is me walking my favorite kind of dog, a Pug. Marisa knows how badly I want one of these, but Dave hasn't given in yet! I like how thin I am in with my orange glowing tan...hee hee. Love this picture!

I got a picture with me and the kids, but boy oh boy do I NOT like it. Cameras surely tell the truth and it's telling me to start an exercise program IMMEDIATELY!!!

My sweet husband took all of us to Home Depot which never happens because he doesn't like shopping with all the craziness the kids throw into the mix. We picked out my countertop for my scrap area and a bunch of shelves. He came home and put it all in for me!! I am so geeked!! When he was done, Travis and Marisa helped me put everything into place and boy does it look so nice and organized. I don't even want to scrap and make a mess. I still need a few more organizational things to help store my stuff neatly. I also need to finish painting the other side of the basement so the couch can be moved out of my area, but other than that I LOVE IT!!!!

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