Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Erica's blogger challenge

Who is my closest friend? How did we meet? What drew me to that person?

I'd have to say my closest and dearest friend is my sister. We met at birth....LOL No, really, she is the one person I do everything with. We used to have more time together, but since our girls are in school and in all these activities we haven't seen each other like we used to -- kind of bumming me out :^(

But I wanted to share a story of a friend of mine who I met in 3rd grade -- Kim Smith, but I always called her Kimmy. We didn't meet on the best of terms. I remember some kind of fight and me hitting her and then she retaliating with a punch to the face knocking me flat on my keister -- nice huh? I ran and she caught up and ended up hugging me and telling me she was sorry. That's how it started. She had a sister, Diane, who was one year older than us and we all hung out together along with another girl in the neighborhood Dawn. I would spend the night at their house every chance I got -- their family life was so much different than mine -- not better per se just more fun. Her parents were a lot more lax than my dad.

We kept in contact all the way up until September 1994. It started to be a one-way friendship with me doing all the calling. I finally told her the last time I called would be it if she lost my number one more time. I did move a lot, but I always made sure to call her to update her on my new phone number. Well, she lost my number and that was it! But, she felt so bad she ended up tracking me down some how and we reunited in May of 1997. It wasn't the same, but we tried. She got pregnant with her first daughter and I subsquently got pregnant with Marisa. We tried to bond, but life was so much different. She liked to still party a lot, and I had already lived that part of my life. I miss her though. She was always so fun. I just heard from her again a few months ago. Unfortunately she's going through divorce after being married since August 1988. She has two children now and will be a single mom. I still don't agree with her lifestyle choices, but I don't judge. Our friendship was one that I'll never forget and I love getting together with her to reminisce about old times. I'll have to dig up some pictures to post. I'll have to go dig in the archives...LOL

***Edited to add photo -- I'm in the center with Kimmy on the left and her sister Diane on the right. This was taken April of 1985 -- I was 15.

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Anonymous said...

I always felt that my lide choices and those of my friends made us unable to stay close friends. I hated being the only one who was done being 15 years old. I, like you, tried hard to keep up relationships like that to find they were never quite the same *sigh*.
You are SO lucky to have a sister! I always wanted one..but got a stinky little brother instead.