Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Marisa's class had a little Mother's Day program. It was so sweet. We made a bookmark and Miss Hasse read a book about what mother's can't do. It's a cute book that we already have read a dozen times. We were then presented with a coursage made of paper with our picture drawn in the center of the flower. Each child the got up and read their journal aloud about why their mother was special. Brought a tear to my eye I tell ya! Each child was sooo sincere, but it broke my heart that two of the children's mothers couldn't be there. The one little girl started to cry...just wanted to give her a hug! She recovered quickly though. Here's Marisa's journal and her picture of me:

I asked her what that thing is in the middle of my head and she told me my clip...funny kid! After your child read this out loud to the class he or she then brought you a flower with a card attached made my them.

It was such a special time and I'm so glad I was able to go. Marisa was just glowing at the fact that she had made all these special things for me and kept asking me if I was going to cry from happiness. She wanted me to! I did shed a tear or two. These are the days that make you just gleam with pride that you're a mom!

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