Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Muffins for Mom

Yep, that's how my day started. Marisa's school has this fun little event every year to celebrate moms. In December, they have Doughnuts for Dad. She just loves it when we come and participate in these things.

Now that I've hustled and bustled and have now returned home, I'm just chillin'. I have been in so much uncomfortable pain...well, not really pain but it's hard to describe. I had to go for a lovely pelvic ultrasound yesterday to hopefully try and figure out what the HE** is going on with me. For three weeks I have been feeling this aweful bloated, pressured, burning sensation in my pelvic area. Not a bladder infection -- nope! My doctor took a bunch of tests last week and then I finally got in for the ultrasound yesterday. These reports couldn't come back soon enough. I have bloated to the point where I actually could look pregnant -- scary!! My rings barely fit on my fingers today. I hate not knowing :( After looking around a bit on the web, I "think" it might be an ovarian cyst because I had all of the symptoms. But I'm not the doctor, so I'll wait and see. I hope I get an answer soon because I don't want to blow up like a balloon!

I took part in the scraplift challenge at J4K yesterday. I had to lift Cheri's awesome layout and here's what I came up with:

I also used the same KI paper for my DT challenge layout at Keepsake Trends This is some great paper! I wasn't to thrilled with KI's new lines at first, but they've grown on me.

Off to search for the heating pad! I need to rest..lol

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