Friday, May 05, 2006

I should be a doctor

See it goes to show that you can get on WebMD and diagnose your own All kidding aside, I did figure out what was going on before the doctor confirmed it. Yep, I have ovarian cysts. The one on the left being just smaller than a golf ball, but I'm told to take Ibruprofen and wait six weeks for another lovely ultrasound. I put in a call today to my GYN to see if she will see me now that this has been diagnosed by my PCP. Obviously it's her specialty and I think she's better capable of handling this. We'll see!

On a brighter note, I went to see my new little nephew, Tyler Michael, yesterday. He was born April 29 weighing in at 10lbs!! and 22 inches long. What a cute-cute-cute little guy. How come 10lbs. still seeems so small? I guess because I'm not the one who had to push him out!!!

Look at the little feet!!!

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